Victoria Suzanne (palantiriell) wrote in egl,
Victoria Suzanne

Problems with BABY Ordering -_-U

So I emailed my order to BABY Monday, 6/11; they got back on 6/12 saying it had turned into garbage characters. So I resent a new one in English. I received my receipt/total Friday 6/15. One of the items was out of stock and another was not on the receipt without explaination (a JSK). So I promptly sent them another asking if the out of stock item was available in a different color (since the webpage did not say any were out of stock) and I asked why my JSK was not present. It is now Tuesday 6/18 and I have not heard back.

Is this normal behaviour (and I am ridiculous and impatient) or should I reinquire? Or is it too soon for that and I should stick it out another few days? I need these things before I leave town on the 4th, and I'd really like them for my birthday tea/a shower on the 30th...

Thanks for all of your help!

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