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Fun Video, Photos and Hairstuffs

Does anyone remember a video of a little Japanese girl break dancing in lolita? Well, I've got another video of Strong Machine 2 for you, here. Marionette style! This time she's dancing with her father, Strong Machine, who's in a tux, while his daughter is in Bodyline (I think?). It's too cute. The video take a while to get to the dancing bit, but you get to see the father daughter pair practicing. Japanese TV shows get me every time, they're too odd. She's adorable, and it's showtime!

I've also got some photos of a hair style I whipped up for a Ren Faire, but could be moded for lolita. It's extremely classical, yet really easy to do. I attempted to incorporate my lolita style into my Ren attire as well, so, it ended up being an odd combination.

The faire was Derbyshire Renaissance Festival, in Muskegon, Michigan. It's right near the beach, so, my friend (who's a local) took me on a side trip down to the lakefront. This is from the end of the day, and believe me, it was a hot one, so my ribbons are a bit weepy here.

Here's a downward view of the side and back. Basically, it's just an equal part down the middle, then separating and making a quick braid of the two forelocks. Then you make the two back sections into braids, and secure them with your hair stick/comb of choice into chignons. The last step is to take a bobby pin, and pin the braided forelock sections into the each chignon. Then add bows off of the chignons, and viola!

And here is my ensemble. Peeking out of my breeches are my pair of vintage bloomers! (fresh from the wash XD) I'll be getting my faire approved boots late on, so my stompers had to do. Someone nearer to the beach needs to do a loli on the beach trip. I'm envious.

Muskegon is also the home of the U.S.S. Silversides...

Which means that I got my obligatory Doctor Strangelove missile photo!

My package from Crescent containing my newest dress and accessories from Angelic Pretty just arrived today, so, prepare to be spammed with cuteness in the near future <3
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