hropkeyloli (hropkeyloli) wrote in egl,

First time loli questions

So, after seeing sakurafairy's beautiful bodice-skirt combo, I thought I'd try that for my first time sewing loli, since I know how to sew a skirt and a bodice and I DON'T know how to sew a jumper. This is what I came up with, after about 40 minutes of internet-sketching:

(sorry for the crappy quality. The white checker-ish part is supposed to be lace, and the deformed flowers are my version of a flower print.)

So, do you think I need to make any adjustments to it? Moar race? More details? I'm open for anything!

(Also: would a Sock Dreams petticoat be okay while I save up for a good quality one, or should I not bother?)
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