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Late Loliday post!

[EDIT]:  this entry is giving me so much trouble! my computer keeps acting crazy and so i try to post this, my compy screws up, and i end up with a weird entry missing stuff that i had wanted to say/show. I am going to fix this tomorrow, even if it means reposting (sorry!) but just know that half of my pics aren't here (for whatever reason, I've uploaded everything several times over!) and that some info is missing/incorrect. i'm just hoping my laptop isn't screwed up permanently and that this is just some horrible computer fart. so, yeah...this will be FIXED tomorrow!

So....blahblah I know this is pretty late, but I'm sorry. Anyways, for Loliday this year naive_wanderer  and I went to the mall for a little mini-meetup!!! Of course, it ended in a visit to Starbucks/Barnes & Noble

naive_wanderer  got some ice cream!

Originally, my hair had been in poof kind of thing, similar to a himegyaru style...but the humidity killed it...  TT__TT

MY COOKIES!!! And the Ulitmate Hitchhiker's Guide...gotta love Douglas Adams, he's such a rori author...LOL!

Cheers! Here's a shot of my top sans weird white cardigan. The shoulders are actual lacy, though you really can't tell here! ^_^

Haha, my eyes are ALWAYS closed in pictures! Seriously, every single picture of me in choir has my eyes closed!


Outfit Breakdowns:
e-mail me or something with your outfit stats!!! ^_^;
cutsew: ???
skirt: In the Starlight
jewelry: ???
cutsew - Foley's
skirt: In the Starlight
petti: In the Starlight
necklace/earings/bracelet: Claire's/Icing
shoes: Wal*Mart
hot chocolate: Starbucks!
Tags: events: meetups, media: photos

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