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Co-ordinates Question Ahoy: What do you thing EGLers?

Note the emphyisis on the words LOLITA INSPIRED - Or more so, Classic Lolita inspired in the same vein as say, Mary Madeginle's... Madegalen? (omfg spelling <__<) Mary Magdalene's lines... something a bit more grownup... bordering on Aristo without it being gothic?

The dress - well - it's A Line in cut, but it's still pretty floofy BUT when I put on my regular petticoat, even wearing it low on the hips it did give it enough shape at the sides but it stayed realtively flat at the front and back, I guess there's no getting around the fact that it is Alined aye? Though Meta did make some gorgeous Aline and Pencil skirts in Goeblin print that I now really want (come next pay day)

Oh noes... where'd the top of my head go?
(FYI - stockingsare off white/antique coloured)
See what I mean! | Unrelated camwhoring

So tell me - YAY OR NAY for it being Lolita enough to be Lolita inspired (moar race? ruffles? ribbon? anything?) and (shoot me in the face if this has been asked before) what do YOU THINK constitues/qualifies as something being 'Lolita Inspired'.

*battens down the hatches*
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