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Blouse reconstruction and question on SecretShop shoes!

Here's what I've been working on in the past week!
Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of the shirt before I got to work. Silly me.

First of all, I added race.  Obvilously. =D
I have before and after photos of the bottom lace trim being added. Do you like the bottom trim? Or should I get rid of it?

Sans bottom lace.

Current state ^_^

There were also awful snap buttons everywhere that had to be dealt to. 
For the front buttons that do the shirt up, I used pink pearl buttons and handsewed them OVER the snap button-ness, and for the pocket buttons, I used pink ribbon bows.

Please tell me what you think!
Glassons $10 sale tees FTW! [Glassons is a ordinary fashion shop in New Zealand with average prices, $10 = $7US]

Hope I inspired all you crafty lolis :D Lol

Ah, and now, my question on SecretShop shoe sizing. I am going to buy these shoes;

My feet measure 23.8cm long, so those of you who have purchased SecretShop shoes in the past, what size did you buy and what is the length of your foot? I cannot figure out whether I should get Size M or Size S. Most of my other shoes are size 36 and are comfortable.

Thank you ^_^


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