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Thoughts: "The Walk of Shame"

While walking to the train station yesterday, I noticed that I always feel quite nervous wearing lolita until I get to the city. I guess it's a little better in Japan than Australia because at least you can wear it in the city without getting harassed, but it's still nerve-wracking while in the suburbs. Everyone turns and stares, cars honk their horns... The only saving grace is when children see me and they smile and wave like they think I'm an anime character come to life or something^^;;

Waiting for the train...

How do you deal with standing out? Do you only get changed when you reach your destination (i.e. tea party, convention)? Have you ever considered giving up lolita because you got too much attention? Your thoughts, please.

Dress: Angelic Pretty (this thing is IMPOSSIBLE to iron, any tips? T_T)
Headdress: Metamorphose

If you want to know how I do my hair, it's just with foam rollers and curling product. I leave it in either overnight or for a few hours in the morning and with some hair-spray it keeps all day. Cheaper than a curling iron (I kinda regret buying one now>_>;;)
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