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This Saturday we had a lolita meetup, and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Stormywish and her boyfriend, Hybrd

Stormywish and Angelzhou

-picture removed for privacy-
Rei and Silver

Sakky and tsu (sales pimp! I'm selling the entire set here)

Group photo!

From left: chibi_meli, blue_meddy, gothiquelolita, Rei, Silver, Sakky, tsu, Angelzhou, Stormywish and Hybrd

Angelzhou in non-brand blouse + Mary Madgelene JSK
blue_meddy in Juliette et Justine
chibi_meli in ????
gothiquelolita in BTSSB cutsew, AP skirt
Hybrd in EGA (he cobbled an outfit so he could be with his gf ^^ isn't that sweet?)
Rei wearing punk
Sakky in handmade
Silver in BTSSB jsk + cutsew
Stormywish in BTSSB marie antoniette OP/bag + Kstar blouse
tsu in Beth OP, BTSSB beret

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