Afro-dite (lollipop_a_cap) wrote in egl,

A Pirate and a Naval Officer

There is definitly a pirate vibe in the air...maybe its because of a pirates of the caribbean, I dont know, but I'm not complaining. So I went ahead and did a little drawin!

The female aristocrat style and pirates seem to go so well together. I didnt quite know how to go about the hat, so I copied the one off of Captain Morgens Spiced Rum :P.
I had to scan it in two different parts and piece them together, so I hope it doesnt look like poo. I hope it doesnt look like poo anyway, but I mean in terms of pic quality.

I felt like drawing the pirates' government-funded counter part, the Naval officer. I guess this is also inspired by the aristocrat style, but the mens style rather than womens.

I hope you like, feel free to crit. I need to work on my pen work alot more. Details were lost in the scanning process :( especially one the second one.

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