Hunting for the Sunny Perch (lvkdy) wrote in egl,
Hunting for the Sunny Perch

hey guys, I have 3 questions about the much-loved rocking horse shoes.

I searched thru the memories and didnt see these particualir questions adressed but if they've been brought up already, sorry ._.

1. I know RTBU sells [overpriced] Montreal rocking horse hoes, but what brand does Ling_Lam sell? I get the impression their're homemade by the seller themselves, in which case, can anyone vouch for the good quality/bad quality of ling_lams shoes in general? [ I have my eye on two more boots from them *_* ]

2. I really want the classic black rocking horse shoes with long straps that come up the knee, but the only ones who seem to stcok that are RTBU. Ling_Lam has almost the same thing, but not quite [ the straps end a little bit above the ankle] Any other suggestions? [ other then double decker]

3. Finally: I've heard people say rocking horse shoes are some of the most comfortable they've ever worn and other people say you have to learn top walk a whole different way to wear them, can someone put this issue to rest once and for all o_o


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