Stephanie (phoenixwind) wrote in egl,

Short bloomers?

Does anyone know what to call really small and short bloomers? I was looking at In The Starlight's 'pettipants' and I was under the impression they were short (like bikeshorts and underwear) only bloomers at the same time. I emailed Leah and she responded that they were 18" long, a bit longer than what I expected.

Basically, I really love the idea of little cute pants worn over your underwear like bloomers, only not as ugly and boxy as bloomers (yes, I'm not fond of the ol' bloomer). I saw some artwork around this community once where it had a lolita with her leg up and you could see little short pants like what I'm talking about. Does anyone have this artwork or know where I can find mini-bloomers like this?
Tags: garment: bloomers/petticoats

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