hazaken (hazaken) wrote in egl,

meet up at ax?

so, i remeber a while back a girl was talkin about having a mett during the Anime Expo convention, which i will be attending. if i remember correctly she said '10 am, monday, ranbow lounge' which is all nice and dandy, but that was a very logn time ago, and now the ax is practically upon us and i havent heard any more announcements regarding it, so im wondering if she decided not to host this? if anyone has some info, please elt me know.

also, my group starts packing up and leaving at 11 that day, which doesnt give much time for a meet. i understand if this is the only time available, btu if things are still loose, and earlier time, or even sunday works better. =3 <3 thanks for you help! please let me knnwo if anyone has any info. <3

also, if it appears this girl has decided not to host this meet, loli's going to the ax should meet up anyways!! lol <3

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