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Knickers, Pictures and Communities

I have three questions. Please bear with me!

1) The first one is a little silly. To all the U.K. lolitas: when people online describe Kodonas as wearing "knickers", is it understood that we mean knee-length pants? Or does it just make you go "HAHA stupid Americans, knickers are panties!"

I plan on making a Gothic and Lolita Glossary some time next week and I was just wondering whether or not it would be appropriate to say "Knickers = not what a Kodona wears".

2) Second, does anyone have or know where to find photos of clothing from brands like Angelic Pretty and BSSB way back when they first opened? Of Lolitas on the street in the late 70's or early 80's?

I remember hearing about brands Pink House, Milk, Wonderful World, and Vivienne Westwood when researching early Lolita fashion also (that they influenced Lolita), but I've never been able to find early photos.

I'm also curious to see photos of early Gothic Lolita. Could I just turn to the early Bibles for that, or did it look different before that existed?

3) Since it seems like a vast majority of this community focuses only on pure Lolita, would anyone be interested in a new Gothic Lolita/Punk Lolita-only community? One exists (gothiclolitas, but the last several posts are mainly sales posts. There's nothing wrong with pure lolita of course, it just isn't my style and I would enjoy seeing more Gothic styles once in a while.

Thanks for reading!
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