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COMMUNITY: New Moderator Submissions

As the number of community members and posts grows larger everyday, it would seem that the number of moderators should also grow. We have decided that it is time to find a few new moderators.

We were torn about the method in which we should select new moderators. There are so many people who might make good candidates, and it's hard to see everything everyone does. So we came up with the idea of having the community suggest who they think would make a good moderator and why.

All of the comments in this post will be screened so that everyone's suggestions will be kept confidential. This is not a popularity contest, and we want everyone to feel free to suggest whoever they may wish to.

Please comment in this post and name two community members you feel would make good moderators and list three reasons why for each. Please do not submit names of people who are active in any of the snarking and bashing communities. Also, please do not submit yourself.

The current moderator team will review all suggestions made and pick a few new mods from your submissions. These new mods will be added to the current team, and we hope that will help in keeping the community in line.

Thanks everyone! ^^

Miss Megan Maude // Administrator

Several people have commented that it is unfair to exclude someone who is in one of the snarking/bashing/wanking communities. It has been mentioned that a number of people in those communities participate out of concern for this one. It was also noted that miyu_sakura is a member of lolita_wank. The moderators do monitor the other communities to see what's going on.

I apologize for misspeaking myself. What I meant to say was that people shouldn't bother nominating members who are active in being cruel in those communities. I understand that it doesn't make you a bad person just because you comment or agree with what is said in those communities. You may indeed be a very concerned individual. So please feel free to nominate people who are active in those communities, but don't nominate the really nasty people.

Again, my apologies for misspeaking myself. m(-_-)m
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