LeylaFashion (magicleyla) wrote in egl,

Japan Ex London 21+22 July.

I have been asked if I want to come with a stand of my shop to Japan Ex London,
also I have been asked to organise a gothic lolita fashion show ( both days 1 or 2 times a day)
I am seriously considering to do this, but first I would need to know if it is of any use.
Since the travelling and hotel costs are kind of expensive.

So here some questions:
1 Do you think it is good for mfashion to come to Japan ex? Good in the way of sales and advertising.
2 Who were already going?
3 How much people do you think are interested in lolita and will come to the expo?

About the fashion show:
- Who would like to participate with the fashion show? Saturday and/or Sunday.
(sorry no home made outfits, but for brands it doesn’t matter which ones even if mfashion doesn't sell it)
(also I am trying to work out a nice deal with the organisation for the people who participate with the fashion show)
For the people who want to participate with the fashion show,
please give me you’re email, so I can keep easily in touch with you.
Also tell me which day(s) you want to come and
don’t forget to tell me if you already had bought a entry ticket or not.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.


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