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Generally I'm partial to strawberries, but...

Morning, kids!

A few days ago I said I'd post pictures of the cherry-print outfit I made for my cousin's graduation, so here they are!
I suck at taking pictures of myself. My room isn't as messy as it looks, honestly!!

My cousin's house is gorgeous. He has a beautiful backyard with a huge in-ground swimming pool,. and it was a perfect day so of course I couldn't resist taking a dip. As as I was changing into my swimsuit, I realized I didn't get any pictures of myself in the outfit I made. So i tried the Myspace mirror-shot...

...and of course it came out all blurry and stupid. Thus, there are no photos of me looking nice before I got all swimmy and messed up my hair and makeup.

But look at that beautiful bathroom! XD And the mirror is actually clean!

I took the rest of these after I got home that night, so I"m a)tired, b)not wearing any makeup and c) rockin' the pool-hair.  If you just ignore everything from the neck up, though, you'll be fine. XD

Haha I"m such a tard. This is how i wore it to the party: no blouse, no petticoat, and minimal accessories. I didn't want to be too...distracting -though of cousre there ended up being a whole ruckus among my relatives over the fact that I made the outfit the night before. Most of them didn't even know i could sew. XD

Is it just me or do flat shoes always make one's feet look...strangely wide?

The back photo: In which Erin poses like a weaboo and appears to have linebacker shoulders. -_-;;

To demonstrate the potential "proper lolita-ness" of this outfit, I put on a blouse and petticoat. still too hot/lazy for socks, though. XD

I look like I'm wearing lipliner. O.o I don't even own, or know how to properly use, lipliner. Lawl my hair is a disaster.

I ARE SITTIN LYKE A PROPUR LAYDEE. Noes, messy closet in the background! But hey, at least my bed is made. XD

I own two brand items, both of which are meta totes. One is this red "lucky chance" tote that I carried that day because it happend to match my outfit perfectly (and fit my bathing suit/ towel/ poolside shoes/ sunblock  of doom for pasty skin). The other is my pink meta tote, which you can see hanging on the hook-thing there on the left-along with my oh-so-stylish work hat. Panera for the lose.

Oh no, it seems something terribly exciting has happened off-camera! This is a thrifted blouse (the only black one I currently own, until i get my arse in gear and make myself a better one) and I need to add another button. It has this cool ruffled collar, though! Isn't that cute?

Lame artsy shot to show the pretty filigree heart necklace my aunt gave me <3 I look like i have ten miles of neck and a big honking chin. O.o I hate you, bone structure.

Skirt detail pics:

I <3 the black eyelet soooooo much. I got it on ebay for uber-cheap. Five yards for five bucks! IGood-quality lace that long is  normally mad expensive.  The trim above the scallops is satin ribbon that I threaded through black cluny took so damn long. -_-;; but I think it looks better than the lace alone would have, eh?

More detaileder.

Outfit rundowny thing:
Cherry top and skirt, petticoat, all me.
Black blouse, thrifted
Red ribbon flats, Payless
Red tote bag, Metamorphose
Black polkadot bow hairties, Claire's
Black and red bead bracelet, I have no idea

That be all! Please to be telling me what you think. <3

X-posted cause I'm cool like that.

EDIT: it has been pointed out ot me that the skirt shape looks a bit odd with a petticoat. And I agree, it really does. Unfortunatley i didn' thave enough fabric left to do a 3x waist-to-hem measurement that I usually do to ensure accurate poof, but because I wasn't planning to wear it with a petticoat anyway I figured it was okay. ^_^
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