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Last of the Hawaii Loliday pictures!

I meant to post this earlier but life, and overall laziness, got in the way. I hope no one minds, though I made sure not to pick the same pictures already posted.

I thought we would do something normal for once rather than the usual tea party and so karaoke it was.

Outfit breakdowns

hat: Baby
top: Candy Violet
skirt: Meta

hat, hoodie, socks and shoes: Baby
skirt: Cornet

apron, purse, blouse, rose combs: Baby

headdress: Innocent World
cutsew: AP
skirt: Baby
shoes: Yosuke

yukata: Bodyline

haircombs: Candy Violet
jsk: Baby
shoes: Montreal I believe

Kiku is wearing all Baby AatP. xD

Attempting to get a candid group shot. Right after I took this picture, hoshi_p took this picture. ^^;

We were all starving after we left and Gyu-Kaku was right across the street. The prices looked reasonable from the menu we saw in the window so in we went. We had to pass by a long table with about a dozen Japanese tourists to get to our table. I think it's safe to say we got their attention. xD

"...full of a condensed meaty flavor!" We were amused.

Eating at a yakiniku restaurant is only reasonable if you get full on one plate. ^^; Obviously not the case with us.

The onigiri were hard to turn over. ;_; It was only after we had grilled two of them that we figured out the right steps. ^^;

These potatoes were so good. :9

One order of smores yields two times the gooeyness.

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