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Double Post! My Wardrobe and pics from Star Wars Celebration!

Hello there lolitas! Well, I wanted to jump up onto the bandwagon and post up pictures of my small but functional lolita wardrobe. I only have seven full outfits so far (the eighth is being worked on right now) but I'm proud of my clothes nonetheless! Also, so that I don't litter the comm with two many posts, I also wanted to share some pictures of my Star Wars lolita outfit at Celebration IV, the official Star Wars convention I went to last month. Take a peek!

To start things closet! The lolita stuff is mainly in the middle, with non-loli stuff to the sides.

My one-pieces: the Mariel one-piece by Milky Ange, and the SWEETS Princess one-piece by Metamorphose.

My two jumper skirts: the red gingham JSK by Good Luck (Linky Pinky AP replica) and the Sleeping Beauty JSK by BABY. I would say that the SWEETS OP or the Sleeping Beauty JSK are my favorite outfits!!

Bwahaha, my three skirts: black velour skirt by Meta, the Star Wars custom skirt by In the Starlight, and a non-brand vintage skirt found at a flea market.

My two blouses, both from F+F: one long sleeved, with a capelet, and the other short-sleeved for summer!

My understuffs! The petti is by ITS, and the two bloomers are by Meta. Nice and clean, whoo!

Here's the box I keep my hair things in. Looks like my cat Rushey is keeping watch!

Reminds me of two lacy centipedes! The blue one is by ITS, and the pink one is handmade ^.^

My bows! The red gingham one came with the Lucky Pinky set, the black Alice bow is non-brand (bought here on the comm!) and the white bow is from Claire's. The rest of them are from unknown places, as they they belonged to my roomate when she was a kid =P

Almost forgot about my lovely crown! It was made by someone here in the comm!

Woe is me. I only have three pairs of socks, and two of them are the exact same thing! I actually have two pairs of these lacy socks from ITS, and the cherry socks are by Nick and Nora.

The bags I wear when I'm in loli! I really have to get a nice brand one someday...the straw bag was given to me when I was ten, but I never used it until I became a lolita! The white bag is from Nordstrom, and the red gingham bag is from a 99-cent store. I snagged it because it matches my red gingham outfit perfectly!

My sweet little earrings and necklaces! The small crowns and hearts are from Claire's, the VW replicas were produced by a NANA merchandise company, the wing earrings are from Aeropostale (not really lolita but I like wearing them with my outfits!), the two necklaces are from Forever 21, and the brooch was found in an antique store.

Only three pairs of loli shoes...*sigh* The rockinghorses are by Montreal, the black maryjanes are by Espirit, and the wedge shoes are by Forever 21.

My lone parasol, or should I say, plain old umbrella! It's by Uniqlo.

Haha, that was actually fun! Seeing how little lolita things I have makes me want more! Must...earn...da money....

Well, now it's time for something completely different. These are my pictures from Star Wars Celebration IV, where I wore a Star Wars lolita outfit...I'm sure most of you remember my post, and some are probably shaking their heads in horror =P Well, it's all in good fun! I just wanted to share some of my favorite pics with you all, for a laugh!

Sitting in the food court on Thursday, the FAN CLUB ONLY! Day.

I almost died! Me with Ray Park, AKA Darth Maul! Oh he's cute ahhh I love him!!!

The lolita's vehicle of choice: the Alliance X-Wing, complete with a working R2-D2.

Me getting hugged by a Darth Maul costumer! I think my favorite part is the kid in the back, and the wolfman Jedi passing behind us! The Maul was really nice though, he told me that he was too ugly to be hugging someone like me =P

One last picture! Here is me during the Friday Costume Pageant, where I entered in the Galactic Apparel category. I realize that lolita outfits are not costumes, but I really wanted to show people my outfit and hopefully alert more of them to our wonderful fashion, and also expose more people to dressing in lolita style. When I walked out on stage, there was plenty of head-scratching and "What IS that?!" from the audience. The emcee read my description of the outfit, and I think after that people got a little more comfortable with it. However, lolitas and Star Wars fans do not go hand in hand...oh well! I had a great time at the pageant, here I am with Luke the Bear. This picture was taken by kay_dee, a well-known SW costumer.

If anyone wants to see more pictures of the con, they can be found at my gallery:
It includes non-loli pictures and many other weird and wonderful photos.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing my wardrobe, and my pictures! I hope to make another post like this one next year...with double the outfits!! ^.^
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