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Hair curling translation.

Recently I translated something about curling hair from the Gothic&Lolita Hair and Makeup book.
6-16-2007 Update I fixed some of the wording so that it hopefully makes more sense now!

I did this for my own curosity sake, so it's not worded perfectly.
If something doesn't make sense I will try to explain it to you.
The pictures and text go together and neither make much sense alone.

Images: Please click them to make larger.


Step 1.
The hair is put in blocks.
As shown in the photo, It's easiest to put into 4 large blocks when you start.
Start curling from underneath the head

Step 2.
Hairspray to protect hair.
It's easy to wrap the hair around the iron if the hair is somewhat damp.

Step 3.
From the large block of hair, take a small bunch [of hair] in your hand to wind around the iron.
The trick to completing it beautifully is to part it lengthwise.

Step 4.
Comb the hair that was separated into the small bunch into a straight shape.
While you're winding, if you twist the bunch of hair, it'll become regular curls, so be careful!

Step 5.
Once it's combed, first place the end of the hair between the iron.
It's OK if a little bit of hair on the ends are missing from the iron.

Step 6.
Wrap the length of hair around the iron and wait a bit.
Please be careful not to twist the hair you straightened out in step 4.

Step 7.
As you go on winding [the hair] and the iron comes to the upper part of the bunch, please lightly loosen the wound curl once you get here.
Move the bunch of hair smoothly as you come to underneath [that bunch of hair].

Step 8.
As you have been doing up till now, wind the hair up to the hairline.
When you get to the end, slowly remove the iron.

Repeat each step until all your hair is curled.
Tags: beauty: hair/wigs
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