the Kool-Aid Man (chocolatexpanda) wrote in egl,
the Kool-Aid Man

WTB post... [oh noez!! O=]

kon'nichi wa, minna-san~

D= I'm looking for an off-white/cream coloured [or possibly a blue-ish blouse] short sleeved-blouse that would go with this skirt

>< because my camera/lighting in the house is stupid, this is a comparison with a WHITE shirt [..yeah, it so doesn't look it --;;]

=/ it doesn't have to be brand 'cause I'm kinda on a budget.. >_> *looks at near-empty I-owe-Mom-money Jar* ><;;

Also, if any of you have suggestions for places that sell good blouses that I could possibly use, that would be amazing ^^; [>_< WallyWorld and Target have failed me once again! ..,_, as have Ross and The Good Will..]

*sigh* thank you so much for your help~ ;o;''

edit: oh~ I forgot to metion my measurements! O_o;
bust: 86 cm
waist: 69
hips: 86 [O-o if you need hip measurements for a blouse >>]


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