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Wardrobe ^_^


H.Naoto Blood coat + embroidery close-ups

a Catalogue Jacket. I added the Antique brooches.

K-star Tartan jacket

Criminal Damage :s but it's nice, just the ribbons frayed lots.


L to R: Peacocks, Peacocks, Topshop, Charity Shop.


L to R: Charity shop, FanplusFriend Atelier Boz remake, Charity shop (good old EGA findings)


L to R: H&M, George of Asda(best buy EVER XD), George of Asda, K-star S.P.R rip-off, Topshop, New Look

Shoes & Socks

L to R: Clarkes, Dorothy Perkins, Seychelles, Shuch. (socks) KOKO, Dancia Ballet Shop(I<3 Ballet tights!), KOKO & Leg Avenue

Headdress & Accessory

Um...ok... L to R: Charity Shop, Courreges, Claires, C&H Fabrics,
Charity Shop, (beads & cross) Various, L'arc Antique (my brand), (gun)Antique Market, Topshop,
(earrings & ring) Flea Market and Accessorize, L'arc Antique, H&M, and the white thing was given to me.


L to R: Grandma, Anna Sui, Market, Jasper Conran (new accessory - EGFlight Bags! FTW)

Under and misc

L to R: Apron - Charity shop, Crinoline-made by friend's mother, Box from Velvet, Laura Ashley

L to R: Royal Albert, Laura Ashley (all three other pieces in two photos)

L to R: 4-piece Tea set from Velvet


L to R: DOT Lahoo - Prince Kazuya, Snoopers Paradise - Angelica


L to R: Both from hot Hair at Debenhams

** It took 2 1/4 hours to do all this T^T

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