Tasha (spookify) wrote in egl,

Jumping onto the lolita closet bandwagon :]

come take a look at my wardrobe! [image heavy]
ps-i'm not sure what's up with the cuts, but they both work!
edit: only 1 cut now! yay

I've been into Lolita for a very very long time, but I don't have quite as many items as most people do. BUT, I love everything I have!
So here's my closet (well, the clothes I have. there's really only 1 closet pic)

I store my jumperskirts/OPs/pettis/socks/blouses/cutsews inside my closet

But I keep my skirts outside of the closet hanging on my cabinet thing (and yes, that IS a flying saucer on my speaker up there :]]] )

--wardrobe breakdown--

BSSB sweet check skirt

BSSB frill skirt (this was my first brand item so it's very special to me, but i wish i hadn't gotten it in bXw)

BSSB antique white skirt

emily temple cute cinderella print OP (i LOVE this so much!) [and i'm not sure why the picture got sideways =/ ]

Mary magdalene OP replica (currently for sale here [[sorry for the random sales insertion]])

BSSB hem scallop JSK (currently on the way!!)

F+F blouse

no brand blouse (that i love, despite being non brand)

Metamorphose tee shirt

no brand blouse that i found in the kid's section (except, it doesn't match anything that i have, i sold all the matching things lol)

Angelic Pretty beret

BSSB alice bow

missmeganmaude bow

BSSB parasols

secret shop/an*ten*na tea party replica shoes (these will probably get here on monday)

DD rockinghorses

no brand shoes


(i forgot to put the other shoe in the picture >.<)

emily the strange kitty-janes. sorry for this weird pigen-toed pose, but i didn't have the shoes with me today so this will have to do!

Thankyou for looking!
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