chi wen yu (jaideroxor) wrote in egl,
chi wen yu

Unfinished steampunk

People will probably be furious because this "doesn't belong in egl" but whatev. These are really dark, but I don't have the photoshop skillz or the patience to do anything about it. :/

These were taken at Anime Central (yes a convention)... and before we had even gotten there, I had already broken down in frustration

I even called up Josh(right) and told him I wasn't bringing the costumes because they were unfinished.

But good old Dad convinced me to bring them. (lol at crooked goggles)

So bleh. I think my next upgrade will be a little more "mechanical" and polished looking. I had a lot of cogs and gears to work with, but just didn't have the damn time to finish my ideas.

I was disappointed that I left myself 1-2 hours to put the hair together. But now with highschool completely over, I won't have so much time constraint in college... i think. But about the "hair," if you're thinking "anachronaut" you're correct. the only thing is, that he never replied to my e-mails, so i just went ahead and made my own out of window insulation and 4 yards of ripped up cords. (old wires from my job at the shooting range)

Josh wasn't just wearing slacks btw. I wish we had a full length photo :/ I will also have to say that my shoe selection sucked, but whatever. I was just happy that I had gotten through AP Finals AND got a chance to go to ACen XD

These photos are curteousy of Amy and her new camera :D

Anyone want to let me know how to cross-post? (i think these belong more at anachrotech and steamfashion) XD I looked at the "how-to" here on lj, but hell should i know if it's the correct link.

edit: dirt and ashes are intentional all over our faces and clothing.

edit part deux: so, i can see that no one is going to come back and read this, but i suppose i can start to defend why i bothered posting it here... long ago i had a sucky hobo loli deal, often known as "Trash Heap Lolita"... and in that post i mentioned that it was going to evolve. and basically it evolved. so now it's turned into something different and belongs in a new home where diff. interests lay and such. the number of people that are pissed off by this post do not outweigh those who generously think otherwise. so for now, i guess people will just have to scroll past it? thank you all for being receptive of my "trash heap part deux" :/ (positive and negative reception) next time, if i do anything else like this, it'll find a home at a different lj community :D
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