melli88 (melli88) wrote in egl,

Brand Lucky Packs

Question: Which brands do lucky packs (other than Metamorphose, AP and BtSSB) and what's the usual price range?

I am specifically looking for information about lucky packs from brands such as Miho Matsuda, Moi-Meme-Moitie, Innocent World, Victorian Maiden, Juliette et Justine, Angelic Pretty or BtSSB, though info about other brands is of course more than welcome!

I've tried searching for "lucky pack" within the egl community and came up with 31 pages of results. I've scoured through them all (no joke!) and more than half of the info is about the Meta lucky packs. There were tantalizing hints of Miho Matsuda, Innocent World and Victorian Maiden lucky packs though and I'd appreciate it if anyone who managed to get these would let me know how they got them, at what price and if it's not too much, maybe pics of the contents? 

I suppose for brands other than Meta, most would go through shopping services or online auctions. It would be really great if anyone who did so would share their experiences with me too!

I'm new to lolita and am very fascinated by it all; would love to own brand and am trying to learn lots more! Lucky packs seemed to be a good way to initiate myself somehow (and at not too high a price!)  : )

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