Kiki (lil_pandi) wrote in egl,

is this loli-able?

whilst avoiding chores today (as thats what i'm rather good at doing) i went to my favorite little vintage/alternative fashion shope in my small town of hippieville (not the actual name...but quite suiting!) i came across a nice little "easter bonnet"i couldn't pass up, since other than loli, i love vintage clothes i'm not really at a loss, it will just change my plans as to what i was going to do with the hat, i was simply wondering, as i've not tried my hand at it as of yet, if this hat would even be possible for country lolita, i often see smaller straw hats, but quite frankly i don't like them in my honest oppnion they're...well...they remind me of badly made doll hats i had for american girl dolls when i was younger...and i know the 50's is/are *unsure of proper grammer in this instance* one of the eras that frequently inspire lolita the point i'm trying to make! is, i'd like to ask some lolitas with a bit more...'experience'...than myself, to give me an honest oppnion before i make a big loli blooper

downward veiw

actually on ones head (please pardon my unloli attire

side veiw

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