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Of Tea Party/Picnic Meets(UK) and not-quite-there Wardrobes

I know this is a little in advance, but I want to arrange a Tea Party / Picnic in August - here in Brighton.
We have wonderful parks, and August is a wonderful month for weather usually.
I know that, in the UK the beginning of this August are 2 Diru tour dates. But please
spare a little of your cash if you are coming down from there, or further away, and come to this meet!

It saddens me, that all of my arrangements for meetups with various loli friends etc, have gone down the drain
in the past. I was usually left waiting, and then an extremely late call or email afterwards, telling me they couldnt
make it etc. T^T how rude! XD
So please, if you would like to come to this meet, please say so definately! It doenst matter about numbers of people there,
a small or large meet would be nice.

I am organising this now, so that we have plenty of time to see who can and cannot come.
All I ask is that everyone who attends, brings a little customary something:fruit, cakes (homemade is always nice),
tea loafs, various teas perhaps, iced tea too, etc etc.

All types of Lolita are welcome, (Gothic & Lolita + b-lolita*ouji-kei*)!!
I am trying to plan it for the 2-3 week of August. After the Diru dates and before the 18th *has a wedding to go to- yes on her birthday =_=*
or maybe on the sunday, 19th.
It will be at 2pm in Queen's Park, Brighton. (on Queen's Park Road. Google Maps has a good map of it, other wise - Driving along the seafront, turn up by Audio Bar+Club, and drive to the top of the road, across the cross-section, and through the archway to Queens Park, then find us!)
I will try and find a spot either by the clocktower, or maybe in the Dogs allowed section, since there is a lovely tree there with a bench running around it. I will check this out before hand and do a post-update.

Thank you and please attend!!

As for wardrobes. I'd love to post mine, but perhaps when I come back from Japan!! as I do not have much! XD
So that will be on August 1st or 2nd for posting (I get back on July 30th.) Everyone's wardrobes look lovely though!!

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