An aspiring catlady (basje) wrote in egl,
An aspiring catlady

Some outfit pics

These are some outfits I wore recently. They're not 'perfect lolita' but mostly stuff I just wear to class or to get groceries :D Also, there's a tiny pirate hat. If you dislike them, please don't click the cut 0.o

This is an outfit I wore to the lolita meet in Amsterdam a while ago. Skirt and blouse is IW, bolero is Baby. I wore small white hairbows to match with the blouse but they're not really visible.

My first AP dress! I love it >.< This was a more casual outfit, hence the lack of headdress or cute hairdo. I'm really lazy when it comes to hair ;_;

Aatp dress bought from Arisu to Fururun through Celga! I'm a bit dissapointed actually, because it's waaaay to big for me ;_; I wore this to Pirates of the Caribbean *is a loser* The shoes that I ordered are currently in Germany (quoth the tracking site) so I cut off the pic :D

And because I think pirate hats are cute here's an extra pic :D

*prepares to be flamed*

Well, I hope you like them :D These pics make me realise I should buy more socks and hair accessories! >.

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