~*Amanda*~ (startigress) wrote in egl,

DS: BtSSB, Meta, Gosu Rori, GLB, and K. Girls

Well my friend from Florida is coming to visit and I find myself short of funds, so I'm selling some of my lolita items. I accept personal check, money orders, or well hidden cash. Send cash at your own risk. I've never had a problem with cash, but things happen. Shipping is included in the total price. The first total is for US buyers, the other for international. Feedback can be found on ebay under aalexander1687.

I realize the photos SUCK, but my Grandmother lost her digital camera USB cord so I had to use my webcam.

Gosu Rori 4

Have the original patterns, un-used. Gosu Rori 4 has the patterns detached from the mook.
GosuRori 4- $17/$23
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