Christal (mistressoftea) wrote in egl,

Lolita article for tokyopop

After reading that article about the GLBs being translated and the cosplay horror i decided to write them an email. They assured me that they will not call lolita cosplay and that they have a lot of respect for the lifestyle and it will be kept the same.
She also asked me if i could write a lolita article for them.. and well, im not really good at it. So I was wondering if someone else had a good article that they had written or want to write that i could send them(with your name on it of course) or that everyone could get together and make one?
and ideas?

Ok after reading everyones input
im thinking first everyone brainstorm topics and things you want to cover in the article
once we have our topics ill make a new post and delete this one where people will get to choose a topic. More than one person can choose the same topic as long as all topics are coverd. Then we will combine it all into one awsome super article written by the lolita community.
Sound good?

- Introduction and overview of lolita
- Basic lolita anatomy (skirt, headdress, bloomers, socks, etc.) (Actually, it'd be cool if a good artist wanted to draw something for this instead, and submit it to their fanart request.)
- Lolita style guide
- Western lolitas
- common mistakes
- breif history
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