Live Fast Die Pretty (treesdancealone) wrote in egl,
Live Fast Die Pretty

my new Rakuen Fashion dress

about a week ago my boyfriend and I were looking at clothes online and he decided to buy me a dress :). I was so excited!!!

The dress came in three days just as they said on their site which is rare for a lot of online shops.

my headdress blends in with my hair lol maybe I should get a Shirololi outfit

I couldn't find my shorter bloomers, but the longer ones look cute too :)

I wore it this past Sunday to go Down Town Chicago with my family and my boyfriend's parents

my boyfriend and I are standing right outside the Tribune building

this picture is how my make up looks before leaving the house

as you can tell I love my new dress :)
also I mentioned in another post the only issue I had when wearing the dress is that the ribbon on the skirt of the dresses frayed really quickly


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