TheOsakaKoneko (theosakakoneko) wrote in egl,

Corset questions

Wow, this may be the first time I'm actually using the tremendous resource that is egl for advice like this!

I am looking to buy a corset to wear with lolita stuff to mix it up for club events sometimes and to try some creative stuff I've been thinking about. But I can't seem to reconcile the image perfectly in my mind, particularly with someone with a body type like mine. While I do sometimes see girls wearing corsets around here, they are always muuuuch smaller than me (being I'm in Japan and all!) So it fits and looks very different!

So I would very much appreciate pictures of people wearing corsets with lolita, especially if anyone has any pictures with somewhat larger bodies in them! XD

Also, I'm torn as to whether I should be getting an underbust or overbust. I don't want a lot of cleavage or poofiness at top. It's just not the look I'm going for. But I'm thinking that either might end up with some wow-ness at top.

And one more question - any shops you recommend? I'm looking for something reasonable (read: cheap) to start off with since I've never had a corset before, but I would definitely like it if I could find one that's not made of plastic and going to get all bent out of shape immediately. I know it's best to custom order, but how necessary is that? And does anyone know anything about Timeless Trends? They are cheap, use steel, and look kinda pretty, though I don't know if thy are the best style. There is the con however that I couldn't order with them until the 14th, and I'd like to order earlier if I could.. Any sites you recommend?

Thank you so very much for reading and for any advice you might be able to give! <3<3

EDIT: Oh yes, I forgot to mention this, but I would also be pretty much pleased as punch if I could also use it under my clothing as actual underwear in order to get a nicer figure and smaller size to fit into more things and look nicer!
Tags: garment: corsets
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