*~J-chan (crystal_star_ss) wrote in egl,

Direct...auction?: Meta parasols

Metamorphose parasols for sale~ So, I have two white ones, as shown here:

And one black x silver one:

-The other photos can be found on the site.
-All are new an in their originaly package.
-Any payment is accepted (at your discretion/risk), but keep in mind the cc-Paypal fees

Please make any offers here. x.x I'm trying to pay off my trip to Europe, so I'm looking for at least $35 each (excluding shipping). This will be open for a week and a half to two weeks, as I'm leaving in three and I want to make sure everyone's packages arrive safely.

Thanks for your time and support~!


-$35 is not a set price. Basically, I'm taking offers fir the next couple of weeks, and the highest offer gets it; in the case that many people offer the same amount, it would naturally go to the first person who asked for it.
-No, I will not go lower than $35

Prices and more edit

Bidding ends on the 11th of June. Parasols will be shipped the 11th if all goes well.

To make things easier, here are the current offers:
Black- $55
White- $35
White- $40

Shipping amounts will also be put here, so I can keep everyone's zip hidden and clean up the comments

U.S: Around $9, priority or parcel (looks like $8.60 and $8.50 for everyone so far); exact amount will be told to you once you win, as 1) I don't have a scale, and 2) I have to go to the post office to get shipping supplies, which may be more or less then I allowed for ($4)

First Class: 14.40
Priority: 24.00
Express: 34.50

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