miscy (miscy) wrote in egl,

Miscy goes on a loliday.... IN THAILAND!!!

PS. for those of you who dont know... that aint me in the pic lol. (i'm in a few.... its like where's waldo lol)

so anways, apparently like the 1st sat. of every month in bangkok there is a Japanese themed (by that i mean street fashion, karaoke, and cosplay)get together at the MBK mall. If any of you lovlies happen to be in town, you should go! So my dad took note last month and dragged me on sat to see. It was tons of fun with lotsa Karaoke compitions, cosplay, and the occasional loli hiding in the odd corner. so i thought i'd share my pics. please note that i tried to get mostly lolies, but my dad took alota pics and got ALOT of cosplay.

Tags: discussion: locations in lolita, media: photos
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