The Anti-Social Socialite (emiko) wrote in egl,
The Anti-Social Socialite

ATL Lolitas Loliday Meetup!

We started our day at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Unfortunatly instead of being overcast it decided to be humid and hot, so forgive any of us if we look a bit outof it :)

Group shot #1!

I'll kill you ded!

O hay it's a caterpillar mouth! SO RORI!

dynastydoll and her friend, further into the caterpillar~

Yay I have wings!

I listen to metal frogs tell stories too~

And command everyone else to listen.

stringy_cow found a friend!

thesoraxrikuone reads with a chicken!

atl_lolitas... Sticking their heads in rocks just for fun~

After an hour of wandering through the childrens area, we found a mirror to primp in front of...

Then found more lolitas! Huzzah!

And went on our merry way again~

And herded everyone into a l-o-l-i-t-a pose ^__^

Then we made our way through the rainforest!

To find the pretty orchids~

Roris in the wild!

We learned about bug-eating plants....

Then tried the plants out for ourselves~

A Honey I Shrunk The Kids moment... Ants love lolitas!

They were not too keen on the boys however~

Back into the forest!

We stare in awe...

Of the alien glass sculpture.

Just a cute pic of the red lolis :)

Lots and lots of muggles took our picture throughout the day.

After touring the whole gardens (almost), we decided the heat and humid was too much and headed out of there...

But stopped to be uber-gothy and take a photo with bunnyko's friend's hearse XD

Eventually we made it to Cafe Intermezzo ^^

And ate like raveneous wolves.

And had some rather un-loli like discussions.

The end!

We (well, normal) took about 300 or so pictures... I mentioned I'd upload them into a zip file, but it's taking a while to actually upload, so I'll post the link later in atl_lolitas ^__^ There were a lot of great photos taken that I didn't post here, so defintily check it out once it gets put up!

Thanks to stringy_cow for organizing the meet! I hope everyone else had fun too :D
Tags: events: meetups, media: photos

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