10sugars (10sugars) wrote in egl,

Handkerchiefs and 'Antique' shirts

ok girls (and boys). I'd like to know your own opinions on the best brand for the Antique coloured shirts.
I love that colour but have no idea where to go for it. Please give me referances as i am going to japan soon
mainly just to buy loli clothes ;_; . I need shirts so so bad.

Also, i would love some delicate and ornate handkerchiefs. I know MMM used to do them ... well they are sold out on the site.
Any other brands that do them, In-store? or know anywhere to get them online or in england that will mail?
I love pink or blue embroidered ones, with flowers and whatnot. doesnt matter what colour the cloth is, but standard white will do.

thank you!!
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