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Happy Loliday from the MD lolis

kisei_prophet used to live in this cute little historical town, so she suggested we have lunch and go antiquing. I carpooled with puregirlblue and her husband, which is to say I bummed a ride.

We didn't find out this wasn't a teahouse anymore until after we set the date. But lunch is always good.

It was about 92 degrees out and so damn humid. I don't know why almost all of us are in black. XD

purebluegirl looking adorable as always in Baby hairclips and jumper, and ITS blouse.

kimikojrockbabe is perfect in meta heart jumper, Rose Chocolat rockinghorses, handmade bow and modified parasol. I'm so sad we're losing her to the Hawaiian lolis in 2 months.

kisei_prophet lovely and summery in handmade everything and Ling Lam boots, toting her baby frill parasol. Her little basket even has a built in drawstring purse. It's brilliant I say.

Get a room, you two. :P

Ugh, this always happens. Why is the parasol so exceedingly white in some pictures? Anyhow, I'm wearing an AP cutsew, handmade apron and frilly butt set, handmade music note bows, IW socks, demonia shoes, meta crown purse, and brandishing a AP music note parasol.

Laura approves. OMG underage!

Mallards everywhere. Mallard is one of those words that are inherently funny. Like, kumquat.

Becky bought the Gothic & Lolita book for our perusal. It's worth buying just to read the point of fashion and point of obsession. "Raw horse meat." Lol. And the AP music note op and jsk made the book on 3 separate pages, and two of them involved twins. If you've ever wondered how they sell out so quickly. That's like 5 dresses right there. And we're convinced that the covergirl on the left has gianormous boobs.

The back is a band I know theosakakoneko likes. A little too intense for the tender eyes of these lolitas it seems. XP

Don't forget the bathroom shot.

The antique shops were pretty disappointing. There were just old houses with junk scattered about and really bored old people sitting around in the living room watching your every move. But we did find some bling in the purse and watch shop.

Lolis like shiney.

It was still a bit early, so we went to goof off at the playground.

Ladies resting after a rigorous walk on the promenade.

Doing what lolis do best, gossip and ridicule. Poor Laura, what were you thinking wearing colors? ::shakes head::

I hope you're wearing bloomers. :P

I know a secret.

Le gasp!

Hahaha, come at me little girl.

You and what army?

Hey, whose side are you on? (Haha, all my fencing training went out the window, look at that sad posture.)

The silver loli surfer!

Saving the world one petticoat at a time.

lolita is serious business!

For realz!

It was so hard to keep a straight face. Came out more like a pout.

Rockinghorses are growing on me. Slowly but surely.

If only Rose Chocolat wasn't so slow in shipping, I'd be more inclined to buy more of their shoes.

Panda Assassination!

God, it was unbearably hot so we called it a day. The ice cream cone materialized as we were heading towards the car. Sorry, no inappropriate licking pics.


I whipped these up the night before in keep with the music notes theme. I love that all the bits and pieces of buttons and ribbons I've been hording have finally come to use.

I think they're pretty cute. I just wish the white stitching wasn't so obvious on the backside.

Thanks for your time, and hope you've enjoyed Loliday 2007 as much as we had.
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