cloudsnapper (cloudsnapper) wrote in egl,

Has anyone here seen cherry recipe print from Baby in person? (I don't think that's the official name, but it's this one.) On the red version, is the print white or pink?

It's this dress right here that I want to buy:

What type of blouse would I wear under it? I only have 2 lolita blouses; one is that peter-pan collared meta lucky pack one that everyone has, and the other is a long sleeved high collar meta blouse. I don't think either one would look too good with this jumperskirt.
Personally, I think it would look cute and summery without a blouse, but you can't really tell if that'd look good until you try it on.
I was plannign on also getting these to go with it:


The pink socks are only if the print on the red dress is a light pink, like it is on the black version. If it isn't, I'll just get some white socks. The red socks would be too matchy, and I'd have to find some white shoes. What do you think?

This would be the first time I ordered a brand name outfit from the website rather than just random cheap pieces, so I'm a bit nervous. Please give me some inputs on whether that's a good outfit or not ^_^
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