Aiko number 273 (aiko273) wrote in egl,
Aiko number 273

For those in the UK

Last year I know there were many attempts at organising a big J-fashion/Lolita meetup in London.
Some ended up as gatherings.
Most failed.

But this Summer, goddamnit I'm going to try.
The UK Jrock scene is... well spread, lets say. Even in holiday-time there is still the "No money for train fare D:" issue. Hence the early organisation, so hopefully people can get their shit sorted if they really want to go.

- I am thinking a Saturday. Either Saturday 28th July OR Saturday 4th August.
- I am thinking a picnic in a nice park (Hyde park?) and/or a shopping trip.
- I am thinking not a strict dress code, though obviously it would be nice. But I don't want people going "I don't have any cool clothes! People will hate me!" because that is bollocks, and if anybody looks down on anyone else for not being "cool" enough I will personally tell them to GTFO.
- Obviously, any other ideas are welcome.

But what I really want to know is WHO IS INTERESTED IN ATTENDING?
(And if you would bring friends then please give a general number)

P.S. If you are in my cru then you just know I'm going to beg you to come anyway because I haven't seen you in too long and I'm getting crack withdrawals.
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