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Summer is the time for Lolitas to bake <3

Okay, well any time really is a time to bake! Here're some pictures of baked goods I've made with recipes! I've always though of madeleines as particularly lolita since they're adorably cute, french tea cakes! As for the cookies and cakes, though not necessarily Lolita in design, the royal icing and fondant are easily adapted to anything you can come up with! **IMAGE HEAVY**

Blueberry-White.Chocolate Madeleine batter

Earl.Grey-White.Chocolate Madeleine

Madeleine "Experimental" Flavors: Earl.Grey-White.Chocolate, Blueberry-White.Chocolate, Milk.Chocolate, Milk.Chocolate-Coconut

Milk.Chocolate-Coconut Madeleines

Blueberry-White.Chocolate Madeleines

Sugar Cookies

Mardi-gras Alligator

Monsieur l'Octopus

Whale of a tale!

Royal Icing results

Monsieur Turtle et Mme. Mallard

Cube multi-faced bunny+star cake

Angry side

Fondant result

(The basic recipes for these can be found online, but if you want the specific recipes I used just let me know as I'll have to type them up and I don't want to bother unless people ask for them ^_^)

Earl.Grey Madeleines - I decided to experiment using the different ingredients but this is the basic recipe I used to start. As for the chocolate, use as much or as little as you prefer. If you want something more simple and classic, I would suggest the Honey Madeleines.

Sugar Cookies - Martha Stewart's recipe. Use butter, not margarine and you'll get a much richer cookie though I suggest cutting out some of the sugar especially if you're going to ice them = sugar overload!!

Royal Icing - I used the egg-white recipe though some people feel safer using the meringue powder recipe. You can find glycerine in the pharmacy section of your local grocery store.

Vanilla Pound Cake - Any pound cake will do, just remember when you're using fondant you need a heavy cake that won't compress with the fondant on top of it!

Fondant - Powdered gelatine can be found in the baking section, just make sure to prepare it before use.
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