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I posted here in March looking for advice and my friends very kindly came and did a photoshoot for me last weekend! One of my friend is really good at photography so they came out really well!
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We started at the old railway...

Then to the park...

Then to the top of the Art University...

(I love that last one!)

Up there they have all these benches that look ok from a distance, but are way out of scale...very Alice!

And then into the stairs...

I know the skirt is a little short, and the petticoat isn't the best...but hey...

Outfit breakdown:
Hairband: Claire's Accesories
Blouse: UK High Street (possibly Dorothy Perkins)
Dress: Metamorphose (from Closet Child)
Socks: From a shop in Harajuku I don't know the name of
Shoes: Schuh (from eBay)

I had such a fun day! I was worried at first but I didn't want to get changed! And some of the art students said I was cute (^-^)/
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