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DS: lots of metamorphose~ LUCKY PACK BLOUSE (white), TOTE BAG ^_^

~ update ~ if you got your item please leave me feedback @ loligoth_dbs, and also, give me a poke if I forget to leave you some!! thanks :D ~

#1 - punkma tie (forgive the lack of proper titles...) - sold to dazysweetdreame. SHIPPED JUNE 6

here's a picture of it by itself (accidently shrunk it a size too small on photobucket ~_~)

note: height is about 21cm, probably meant to wear w/ a top that has a collar. it's very cute!
condition: new w/ tags
price: $24USD shipped to canada/usa

#2 - white meta lucky pack blouse - sold to cecily_not_me - shipped JUNE 17

Up close for collar, sleeves | Back, with shirring and a detachable ribbon

note: there's a little ribbon on each of the sleeves which the pic does not show ^^ this is kind of big on me, and I've only tried it on a few times. I've purchased a new blouse on EGL so I'd like to get my money back for this one. [the colour is a bright white, just I had terrible lighting -.-)
condition: new without tags
price: $70 shipped to canada/usa

#3 - lucky pack skirt sold to glass_bubblegum. SHIPPED SAT. JUNE 2, 07.

the whole thing

note: ah, the infamous camo skirts *_* it's actually really nice, but I'm toooo fat. :p or at least, I think a person with a 27-28 inch waist (or smaller!!) would enjoy this more. it's black, white, and grey, but my room lighting seems to have tinted it pink slightly >.<
condition: new with tags
price: $65 shipped to canada/usa

#4 - sweets collection print tote

note: has a little zipped compartment inside for a cell phone, and can open to hold a fair amount, but isn't lined
condition: new with tags
price: $40 shipped to canada/usa, obo

#5 - antique white lace overknee socks - sold to akanekun. SHIPPED SATURDAY JUNE 2, 07.

meta product page | picture 2 | picture 3

note: tried on only, but I'm barely 5 ft and you can't really see the lace at the top unless I'm wearing a short skirt...(so I'm buying knee socks only from now on -_-) ~ if you choose I can hand wash them using some Forever New :)
condition: like new, no tags attached (might still have them lying around, not sure though ^^)
price: $26 shipped to canada/usa, obo


+ i take direct, debit/credit paypal. no fees, but no e-checks please! (unless there is no one else interested in the item, but i will have to wait until the payment clears)
+ i have feedback on loligoth_dbs, but most of them are waiting to be posted =( also, on ebay as angelic_chorus
+ probably not interested in trading since i've bought quite a lot lately already
+ OBO = or best offer but I'm not looking to lose a lot of money here n_n whoever offers the price listed and can pay will get the item

thanks for looking
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