Kaori Danger (frakkinfabulous) wrote in egl,
Kaori Danger

big shoes on short notice and a TOTAL NEWB question re: ITS pettis

So I just realized I've got about three weeks until Anime Expo to get myself together. I'm hoping to wear lolita throughout the convention, but then it hit me... I need shoes! And big ones... an American size 10 roughly, perhaps a bit bigger. I need to do this on a reasonable time and money budget, so I can't go ordering from RoseChocolat.

I found a pair of Demonia shoes that I like with bows but they look a bit cheap in the photos. Does anyone have these shoes? Can you vouch for them? Or if you don't have them, any ideas where I can get a decent pair of shoes? Shoes can easily make or break an outfit and I'd like to look good!

And lastly, for an embarrassing newbie question... to help myself feel less silly, I'd like to state that I've been into lolita for five years now, but just started buying clothing for myself. I got my first petticoat (the princess from In The Starlight) and I love it. However, I'm prancing about and go to sit down when I panic. If I sit down on this, it's going to deflate right?? I can push it around so I'm not sitting on the tulle, but that's hardly lady-like! So ladies, what's the best way to sit? And yes, I do realize that this is most likely a question which will have me lose any loli street cred I may have had. I just want the petti to last! I've got a big booty and I don't wanna suffocate the poor dear!

Thanks all for all your help! :)

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