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GLB Recipes

A recent post by wyngstakeflight has made me curious...

Does anyone have large scans of recipes from the Gothic&Lolita Bibles?

I'm interested in any ones you can offer up~ I'm on a cooking/ baking binge and want to try and see how many of the cute little treats I am able to make. (I know there's a couple translated recipes here: candle cheesecake, choco skull balls, corset cakes and a trifle... But I'd love to see original scans from the mooks those appeared in.)

Also, if anyone is interested, I would be creating a little lolita baking journal with step by steps of each recipe... So if anyones interested in this, please do let me know. ^_^ (Also, the journal may turn into a general baking journal...)

I am aware there is a lolita cooking community already (egl_cooking). I would like to say that the type of journal I am speaking about is a personal one where I would explore my own passion for baking cute treats- and that I would be willing to share step-by-step processes with any interested members.
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