seraph (wyngstakeflight) wrote in egl,

Gothic Lolita Rooms and Furniture

Well, there were a few posts this last week about GothLoli themed rooms. So, I decided to scan some of the pages from the Gothic & Lolita Bible Extra 2 that came out last year. (^.^) It also includes some DIY instructions. It'd be nice if someone can translate, since I can't read Japanese. (-_-) But you can still look at the pretty-ness! (^O^)

First are some actual rooms and tips.

And now for some do-it-yourself pages.

And then a section by Aya (ex-Psycho le Cemu)!

I hope this gave some ideas to those of you who are planning on redoing your rooms! And for those who aren't, it's still nice to look at, ne. (^.^)v

EDIT: Larger scans have been uploaded! (^O^)
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