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DS: Classic Capelet, Shiro-Loli Winter Cape, KERA, Heart OP, more!

Hello, everyon! I'm going to Japan this summer, so I need $$$.
All prices include shipping within the US. If you live outside the US, I will ship to you, but shipping will be a little more. Check out my awesome ebay feedback! I’m a blue star now. ^_^

I except Paypal, money orders, and concealed cash, but I will not be responsible if the cash is stolen in the mail. My paypal account is at

Sweet Loli Heart OP - $20 shipped

Shiro Loli Winter Cape - $45 shipped (it’s heavy)
A lovely shiro-loli cape. It’ is heavy and warm, with a white faux fur trim around the bottom and around the edge of the hood. A thick white ribbon ties at the neck.

Classic Lolita Faux-Fur Capelet - $35 shipped

Sweet Pirate Loli Jacket - $30 shipped
This is used but in very good condition. It’s pink a lacey so it’s perfect for a sweet-loli look, but because of the metal button collar style you can use it for a pirate loli look too! You can even turn the collar up to make it more pirate-ish. ^_^
Waist: 30 inches/ 76 centimeter
Shoulder to Sleeve Bottom: 24 inches/ 62 centimeters

Being Worn:

NEW W/ TAGS Brown Classic Lolita Jacket - $35 shipped SOLD

Gothic Multi-Layer Lace Skirt - $20 shipped
Waist: 28 inches/71 cm
Length: 15 inches/ 38 cm
The waist DOES NOT stretch.
Short skirt with several layers of VERY high quality, detailed lace and a ribbon waist. It’s in great condition, but it’s a bit to small for me, so it must go.

Classic Pendent - $20 shipped
I bought this gorgeous pendent several years ago for over $40. Since then, it has been sitting unloved in my jewelry case, so it must go. Its in perfect condition. Great for a classic Lolita or aristocrat!

Platform Mary Janes - $20 shipped PAYMENT PENDING
Size US 7.5
These shoes are super cute, but they’re just little bit too small for me (I’m a size 8). They’re in pretty good condition, although they have a little scuffing on the front.

Scuffs on Shoe Front

Wa-Loli Getas - $10 shipped PAYMENT PENDING
I got these for my birthday, and war them once, but they’re just a little bit too small. I’m a size US 8, so these are probably a US size 7 or 7.5

Kera Magazines - $6 each shipped
Lot #1
September 1999, Vol. 12
October 1999, Vol. 13
November 1999, Vol. 14
December 1999, Vol. 15
January 2000, Vol. 16
February 2000, Vol. 17
March 2000, Vol. 18
April 2000, Vol. 19

Lot #2
May 2000, Vol. 20
June 2000, Vol. 21
July 2000, Vol. 22
September 2000, vol. 24
October 2000, Vol. 25
November 2000, Vol. 26
December 2000, Vol. 27
February 2001, Vol. 29

Lot #3
March 2001, Vol. 30
April 2001, Vol. 31
June 2001, Vol. 33
July 2001, Vol. 34
December 2001, Vol. 39

Kera Hair Book - $10 each shipped

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