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Other Fanime Pictures

Sorry for posting again so soon!  These are the other pictures during Fanime besides the lolita panel. I've decided to put all my photos together into this one post so that I won't spam you guys anymore with my photoposts~ =P [edit: there's just too many photos... I've moved the photoshoot too another post.  Sorry!]

I went to Fanime for the first time this past weekend.  sweetiepup  took me there~  ^__^  we had lots of fun prepping in the morning... even though it took us around 3 hours to be ready... (´□`)

:: Please click for larger images ::

Fanime Saturday Day 2

sweetiepup :
 ~ Blouse: Metamorphose
 ~ Skirt: Victorian Maiden

~ Blouse: Angelic Pretty
~ JSK: Angelic Pretty
~ Headdress: Angelic Pretty
~ Socks: Metamorphose
~ Shoes: Metamorphose
~ Bag: Btssb

We visited the Lolita picnic organized by claudia_ethos  and we ran into angryazngirl !  She made her own outfit!  So talented! \(´`)

I met drahtpuppe  there too!  She's such an amazing artist!

Then I spotted a Waloli! This is only my second time seeing one in person~ `)

sweetiepup  help me take this picture after the convention.  My feet hurt so much!  Afterwards, I limped back to the room... (;д`)

Fanime Sunday Day 3

~ Onepiece: Baby the stars shine bright
~ Socks: Metamorphose
~ Shoes: Metamorphose
~ Parasol: Baby the stars shine bright
~ Bag: Baby the stars shine bright

sweetiepup :
~ Onepiece: Juliette et Justine
~ Headpiece: Angelic Pretty

Sunday was the day for my first try at HIMELOLI! How is it?  The hair was so hard to do!

While helping sweetiepup 's boyfriend, milkgap , set up his artist table (by the way, check out his artwork!  His style is very traditional fairytale-like watercolor~), some lolitas from LJ found us!

Anne, j9photos , deedlelu , pinksweetlolita , sweetiepup , angeliclailah , neku_niku 

I commissioned an artwork from[info]drahtpuppe!  This is when I went to go pick it up.  She's so cute!

And we also ran into angryazngirl  again! =D

sweetiepup  took this during one of the photoshoots~

Later on, we visited pegasusmaiden  and her table for AppleSugarLolita~

We also ran into the Mechanical Pandas~!  They're so cute!

kagayuzen  came and meet with us for the fashion show information.  I helped her with the panel and was in charge of the models for the fashion show~

After the meeting, I ran into claudia_ethos  and her family and managed to recruit her for the fashion show! ^__^!

kochoumacabre !  Everyone loves her hair! ^__^  We met her at her artist table~  She's so friendly to talk to!

Fanime Monday Day 4

~ Blouse: Angelic Pretty
~ JSK: Metamorphose
~ Headdress: Baby the stars shine bright
~ Socks: Metamorphose
~ Shoes: Metamorphose
~ Parasol: Baby the stars shine bright
~ Bag: Baby the stars shine bright

sweetiepup :
~ Blouse: Handmade
~ JSK: Victorian Maiden
~ Headdress: Angelic Pretty

Sorry about the eyepatch!  I woke up with a really really red eyeball!  It was so bloodshot... I had to do something about it.  I thought about wearing glasses... but I hate them.  I had these eyepatches with me to play around with, but I never knew I ended up needing to use one!   I think it looks okay though~

Me and my friend, Miyaki~  After the lolita panel!

My eye cleared up by then! ^__^! yay!

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