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DS - AP Blouse, F+F Bustle Skirt, Peace Now Cutsew

I accept paypal. Buyer pays CC fees if  they wish to pay with CC.

Sorry if I posted this too soon. Need the money asap~ Bank is giving me troubles T_T

Feedback for buying and selling is in my LJ. =3

Angelic Pretty Blouse - *SOLD*
This blouse has never been worn out by person I got it from, not even tried on by me, and is actually is more of a slight off-white, rather than Meta's pure white blouses
Amateur Measurements, Flat across
Bust: 43cm
Waist: 37cm
Length: 51cm

Shipping is $5 within US, and $11 international.

Tag Detail  | Lace Detail

Peace Now Pink Cutsew- *SOLD*
I've only tried this on once. I bought it off here, I forgot how much for.. 
But I'll sell this for $45 including shipping within US. Add $6 for international. Its pretty stretchy. 
Would probably fit most. Fit a 38 bust fine.

Extra pictures in my Flickr

F+F Bustle Skirt - *SOLD*

I bought this for Otakon 2006. Wore it while meeting Nana Kitade *-* She called me cute. Was the best time of my life (okay thats an exaggeration.)
I paid 55+ Shipping. I also had the zipper replaced because it was all weird from F+F. Done professionally. There is a small tear on the side, at a seem. Nothing too serious.
I will not go under 30 for this. Please make reasonable offers! Shipping for this will probably be over 10 dollars.
Size is UK16/US14/EUR85.

Product page is Here
My pictures are Here

Thanks for looking =3

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