Glitter in your Gruel (stockingshock) wrote in egl,
Glitter in your Gruel

Towards a Dress Categorisation...?

Would it be any use to have a guide to refer to, that:
-Categorises the styles of garment most widely used in Lolita fashion;
-Deconstructs garments according to these styles (i.e. 'this type of bodice with this type of sleeves' etc.)

I've been toying with this as a timewasting exercise, after looking at brand stuff to see which styles (i.e. types of jsk.) they use most often.
I also thought it may be relevent to anyone wondering what patterns to buy/make in order to make their own Loli clothes; if you can recognise the basic elements of a design, it's easier to recreate it.

If it's useful to anyone else I will write it up properly and post it, with added pictorial goodness.
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