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Who, me?

BTSSB Bow and homemade skirt still available!

All measurements taken in inches, flat, and by an novice! Most items have never been worn in public and have only been tried on for a few moments in the privacy of my room then taken off immediately due to ill fit. They have been hanging in the closet since. They are very lonely! Please keep in mind I cannot offer pictures of them worn because they are too small/short.

I don't have any feed back yet except for my ebay (Kakumei_no_unmei) however, I've done many transactions before, and carnet__atelier can vouch for me and will personally beat me if I run off with any money!

White Bustle Skirt and Burgundy Apron Set With Alice Bow (Willing to separate if shown interest!)
White skirt frontal
White Skirt Back
Apron Front
Apron Flat
Apron and skirt together
Alice Bow
Yet another beloved but too small item! >_< The skirt has an elastic waist and the apron tied around the back.
It's very cute to wear together or apart if you just need an an apron or underskirt!
Skirt Length - 19inches
Skirt waist - 13 inches unstretched 17 inches fully stretched.
Apron Length from top to bottom - 21.6
Apron Length From bow tie to Bow tie waist band inched - 85 inches
Apron Waist - Free size.
As a set the total is $25.00+shipping.
Make offers if wanting to break up set.

BlackxWhite BTSSB Alice bow (would love to trade for bxw doubled side bow!)
Modeled by Me
Modeled by Pink Bear
Lace 1 detail
Lace 2 Detail
Lace 3 Detail
Hair pin attachment
Well, BTSSB sure does love their lace variations! Classic style featuring three different types of lace for each section of the bow. Slided to the hair with a pin and has long ribbons ment to tied either in front of or behind the face. I have never worn this, but I bought it off of </b>lolitallie as a set with my BTSSB Jumper and she's worn it at least once.
If no one wants to trade with me for the bow, then it's $25.00+shipping

TOS - Terms of Sale!
  • I accept paypal both CC and non but buyer pays the 5.9% +0.33 fee.
  • I will accept money orders or concealed cash, but PP buyers have first dibs.
  • My paypal is Kokoro_kou [at] hotmail [dot] com.
  • Every order will be shipped out this Saturday.
  • I prefer not to ship internationally but if you don't live in US and you REALLY want it, we can work something out.
  • I am open to trades although please keep in mind that all clothing must be able to fit my 48-42-52 frame. (OH DEAR LORDY!)
  • Further Pictures/Measurements available upon request!

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