ayameh (ayameh) wrote in egl,

Reserving on Baby/Meta/Closet Child? o.O

Hey fellow Lolis and gents.

I've heard of reserving (or pre-ordering) dresses and such on Baby and Meta on designs that haven't been released yet, and I've heard of instances where the Closet Child owner very kindly put items on hold for a certain amount of time for a few people who couldn't pay right away. However, are you able to put dresses that have already been released on reserve that are still available at Baby and Meta? >^< (I know putting items on hold in Closet Child is basically the same as reserve, so don't bother answering it for CC.)

I don't know, I'm sure you can if you can pre-order designs, but I was poking around and I wasn't able to find a way.

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